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M Y   S T O R Y

My name is Karlay and I'm a Computer Programmer and Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in computer-graphics softwares(use Object Pascal, C ++ and OpenGL). Meshmolder is essentially a tool of digital sculpting to create and paint organic shapes in 3D, with functionalities for creating characters for games, films and general arts. Able to manipulate thousands of polygons and easy to work with, this is my goal. If you love MeshMolder and want to support its continued development, please consider donating. The software will always be free and available on this page. Use the software as they wish, both as a hobby and commercially. 


H A R D  S U R F A C E S

In addition to organic meshes, Meshmolder can create Hard Surfaces and develop whatever your imagination can achieve. No limits for your creations, no limits for your creativity. Tools like Cut, Split, and Booleans allow you to create accurate detailing.

F A S T  I N S E R T

Fast Insert tool is the possibility to insert pre-built mesh packages in an easy and practical way to add details to your characters. From small pieces to large meshes, the Professional version even enables you to create your own PACKS, whether for you or for distribution and sale.

These packages are executable and easy to install for your friends and customers.

I M P O R T  

Meshmolder, in addition to loading models with over 35 million polygons, captures polypaint paint from files created with other softwares and saved in .obj format. The model on the side, created by the artist Rodrigo RPR , was perfectly recovered in meshmolder. Your saving possibilities increase as Meshmolder exports in a variety of formats including FBX, STL and PLY.

P A I N T  &  A U T O M A T I C  U V'S

Paint your creations directly in 3D, capture textures automatically and have them rendered in programs like Keyshot or Marmoset. Meshmolder also captures Normal maps and Ambient Occlusion maps, making it easy to keep small details on game characters. Import into Unreal Engine and take your characters to the next level.

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